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Adobe Photoshop CS+; Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web
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Preschool website template.

Pre-school template "About Us" page.


Preschool website "Activities" page.

Contact form.

Preschool "Events Calendar" page.

alrernate preschool banner

Additional alternate banner.


Enrollment/Admissions. Parent testimonials.
Newsletters. FAQ.
Sitemap. Pre-registration form.
Map and Directions. Sample newsletter.


Pre-School Full Site
ITEM: #283

PRICE: $62.00

Template Width: 938px


  • FULL WEBSITE includes 14 main pages all linked and ready for web (easy to add additional pages).  Pages include: home, about us, programs/classes, admissions/enrollment, events calendar (programmable), map and directions, pre-registration form, testimonials, FAQ, newsletters, sample newsletter, activities, contact us, and sitemap.
  • Includes an homepage javascript smooth-transitioning slideshow.
  • Includes calendar script (automatically displays date).
  • Includes two alternate logo banners (see images to the left).
  • New wider template feature (938px fixed-center) - designed to work well in a cross-section of computer screens and screen resolutions
  • PDF instructions on how to set up a Google Calendar.
  • HTML/XHTML & Pre-Sliced Photoshop (PSD) file(s) are included for easy customization.
  • Includes additional images and all images seen in the demo screen shots
  • Automatic calendar scripts (date appears automatically on each page)
  • Simple to follow instructions file
  • Fonts used in design
  • Follow-up as necessary
  • Custom CSS file


To edit/modify parts of this template you should be familiar with cascading style sheets.

Please read the terms of usage and FAQ's General before you get started in using our HTML/CSS web page templates.

* Ready for something new and playful for your pre-school or elementary school website? This new preschool template design from CTO might be the perfect fit. This new school website design features a kid-friendly color scheme, and custom graphics that lend an air of professionalism and originality. And with 14 pre-formatted, already linked web pages, laid out in a straightforward manner, this school website template will serve to provide interested parents exactly the information they're looking for. And, of course, if you need to add or delete pages that's easily done as well. Your final website can include exactly the number of pages that's ideal for your particlar school's website.

This preschool web template also features a couple of dyanmic bonus features. The first of these is a smooth-transitioning homepage javascript slideshow. This feature is very easily edited. And, as with all templates at CTO, you can either choose to use the default images provided with your template purchase, or quickly, easily replace the photos with those of your own. The second bonus feature is a automatic dating script that displays the current day's date in the top-left of the template. These features just provide a little more pizzazz to a school website template that is already world-class in its design scheme and functionality.